Utopia & Ensemble Inalto


In 2017 we celebrate Martin Luther. Luther's new ideas made big changes in religion, society and music. Utopia will explore these musical changes of the early 16th century, accompanied by Ensemble Inalto. On this journey we encounter big names like Josquin Desprez, whose music was well known and admired by Luther, but also less famous names, like Baldouin Hoyoul.


An interesting pathway alongside the change from use of Latin to common languages in both religious and profane music.






In February 2016 Utopia recorded in premiere the 7 lamentations from Cristobal de Morales. These beautiful lamentations mourn the downfall of Jerusalem. In this solely a capella program, Morales' lamentations are linked to his Magnificat.


Opposed to these religious works, Utopia brings 'secular lamentations' in the form of love-inspired madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi. 




Utopia & Bart Naessens


In this program Utopia presents the great "Mantuan" composers De Wert and Monteverdi. Jacques de Wert, born in Antwerp, spent the biggest part of his composing carier in Italy. In Mantua he was mentor to the great Claudio Monteverdi. Influenced by de Wert, Monteverdi made de big leap from polyphony to early baroque, where text expression and -affect are more important than musical lines.


The love madrigals in this programme, with for instance Lamento della Ninfa, take you on a musical journey between desire and sadness.





From time immemorial the small town of Scherpenheuvel has been a cherished place of pilgrimage for a great many people wanting to honour the Holy Virgin.


The program of this concert is a musical tribute to Mary, the mother of Jesus.The inspiring architecture of the “baroque gallery” provides the perfect framework.


Marian motets by Adriaan Willaert, Josquin Desprez, Alexander Agricola and Cristóbal de Morales are the center of this homage.


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