In 1516, Thomas More published his two book work Utopia, in which he criticized the political and economic England of his time. In this masterpiece he searched for solutions for social problems, problems which are now more relevant than ever.

Almost five hundred years later, five singers with a soft spot for ancient music have joined their voices and created a new ensemble with the very same name: Utopia.


Let's hear what they have to say about it:


"Having Flemish polyphony in our genes, we really want to explore and perform the music of More's time. Polyphony is born when different points of view come together in a single composition. To quote the recent words of the German minister of culture: “We need art and culture, we need bold, inconvenient thinkers and artists. We need the utopias they create, the fantasies that inspire them and the wish for a better world”...


Michaela Riener - Mezzo

Bart Uvyn - Countertenor

Adriaan De Koster - Tenor

Lieven Termont - Baritone

Guillaume Olry - Bass

© Emily Russell